Read and Write Data With Declarative ✨Macro Magic✨

binrw makes binary parsers and serializers easy to write, read, and maintain.

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Skip the boilerplate. Declaring a type is all you need.

#[derive(BinRead, BinWrite)]
#[brw(little, magic = b"PK")]
struct ZipHeader {
    version: u16,
    flags: u16,
    comp_type: CompressionType,
    // ...

#[derive(BinRead, BinWrite)]
enum CompressionType {
    None = 0,
    Shrunk = 1,
    Deflated = 8,
    Lzma = 14,

Simple definitions and easy-to-read by design to improve maintainability and approachability.


Directives in attributes handle common binary parsing tasks like matching magic numbers, byte ordering, padding, alignment, data validation, and more.

struct StringTable {
    entry_count: u32,
    #[br(count = entry_count)]
    entries: Vec<NullString>,


With support for generics, custom parsers, and mapping functions, you can create your own building blocks as reusable types. And to keep you from reinventing the wheel we already include types you'll likely need:

Safe, Efficient and Embedded-Compatible